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6 Day Network Marketing Franchise Challenge

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  1. Breakthrough Time
  2. Day 1 - Of your E.M. Franchise Challenge
    Building your Front End flow
  3. Day 2 of your E.M. franchise challenge
    Growing your Middle to compound
    Nurturing the Back End of your Business
  5. DAY 4 of your E.M. Franchise Challenge
    Fueling the Back End of your organization
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  6. Day 5 of your E.M. Franchise challenge
    Why these Network Marketing Franchising Tools Change Everything
    Franchising Tools and features

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Franchising Tools and features

Reminder… you start FREE with these Tools

How much is increasing your reach, improving your teams on boarding process and increasing your team Retention worth to you?

Empire-Mindstate System

The Team Duplication System for Network Marketing Leaders

  • Team Messaging
  • 2 World-Class interactive Blueprints
  • 6 Day Coaching Boot Camp (Bonus)
  • Night Mode and Focus Mode Training 
  • Get Motivational login Messages
  • Create a Custom Profile
  • View Event Calendar
  • Building + Scaling Tools Directory 
  • Exclusive Leadership Chat Room 
  • Follow Up e-mails Sequences to Help Build Your Belief and potential in your Industry
  • See when Other Members are Online
  • QuickTribes Connect FREE
  • Keep track of Training Progress with Blueprint Points
  • T3  e-tools  to help others get started and connected.
  • Option to receive your contact Messages Via email
  • Book Club, and a-lot more
  • see more….

    It Comes with QuickTribes Connect (Free) Check it out Here

Here’s a sneak Peak in the Empire-Mindstate System

QuickTribes Premium

  • Connect all your Social Networks in one Place
  • Connect your Website or Product URL/links for Simple Connect Sales
  • Option to get Group notifications via. e-mail
  • Create a Digital Business Card with Your Connect  profile
  • Quickly find Businesses and other Tribes Via Tribe Search 
  • Send and receive messages
  • Receive Tribe invites to multiple Groups at once
  • Create Unique QuickTribe Groups that you can set to Private, Public or Hidden
  • Customize and send Group invites to multiple people at once
  • Upload Documents and Photos from your Group Dashboard to give each Tribe its own support 
  • Create Zoom Meetings and Invite members from within your Group Dashboard
  • Customize your Group settings and Group Permissions to match your group type 
  • Upload and email Pay Slips to your Team 
  • Explore the exclusive QuickTribes Connect groups
  • Export a CSV file of your Guest Tribe accounts Bonus
  • Access to our Elite Leadership -Chat Room
  • Full Updates and Support included

For QuickTribes alone Check it out Here

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