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6 Day Network Marketing Franchise Challenge

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  1. Day 2 of your E.M. franchise challenge
    Growing your Middle to compound
  2. Day 1 - Of your E.M. Franchise Challenge
    Building your Front End flow
    Nurturing the Back End of your Business
  4. DAY 4 of your E.M. Franchise Challenge
    Fueling the Back End of your organization
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  5. Day 5 of your E.M. Franchise challenge
    Why these Network Marketing Franchising Tools Change Everything
    Franchising Tools and features
  7. Breakthrough Time

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Franchising Tools and features

Reminder… you start FREE with these Tools

Empire-Mindstate System

  • Team Messaging
  • 2 World-Class interactive Blueprints
  • 6 Day Coaching Boot Camp (Bonus)
  • Night Mode and Focus Mode Training 
  • Get Motivational login Messages
  • Create a Custom Profile
  • View Event Calendar
  • Building + Scaling Tools Directory 
  • Exclusive Leadership Chat Room 
  • Follow Up e-mails Sequences to Help Build Your Belief and potential in your Industry
  • See when Other Members are Online
  • QuickTribes Connect FREE
  • Keep track of your Training Progress with Points
  • T3  e-tools  to help others get started and connected.
  • Option to receive your contact Messages Via email
  • Book Club, and a-lot more….

    It Comes with QuickTribes Connect (Free) Check it out Here

Here’s a sneak Peak in the Empire-Mindstate System

QuickTribes Premium

  • Connect all your Social Networks in one Place
  • Connect your Website or Product URL/links for Simple Connect Sales
  • Option to get Group notifications via. e-mail
  • Create a Digital Business Card with Your Connect  profile
  • Quickly find Businesses and other Tribes Via Tribe Search 
  • Send and receive messages
  • Receive Tribe invites to multiple Groups at once
  • Create Unique QuickTribe Groups that you can set to Private, Public or Hidden
  • Customize and send Group invites to multiple people at once
  • Upload Documents and Photos from your Group Dashboard to give each Tribe its own support 
  • Create Zoom Meetings and Invite members from within your Group Dashboard
  • Customize your Group settings and Group Permissions to match your group type 
  • Upload and email Pay Slips to your Team 
  • Explore the exclusive QuickTribes Connect groups
  • Export a CSV file of your Guest Tribe accounts Bonus
  • Access to our Elite Leadership -Chat Room
  • Full Updates and Support included

For QuickTribes alone Check it out Here

Checkout Click funnels Here (for creating sales pages)

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