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The Team Coaching System for Business that's Simply Duplicatable.

Everything You Need To Get a Quick Start

The FREE 6 Day Interactive Boot-Camp that will help your team Hit That First Rank! (Bonus)

Increase Your Desire 


4 lessons, +Resources

Desire is the fuel for everything in this business. We help you understand how to use the people you love as your driving force to win and also how get the right mindset and structure to win big in this business.

Prospect List Like a Pro


3 lessons, +Resources

In this section we'll help you to understand how to structure your connections and never run out of people to talk to again.

Invite Like a Pro


5 Lessons, +Resources

In this one we'll give a clear understanding on how to invite more eyeballs to your Offer in a very effective way and track when they actually take a look at it. 

3 Way Like a Pro


3 Lessons, +Resources

In this Section we'll show you how to harness the power of a professional 3-way call to give you and your growing team extreme leverage in building an organization.

Do Presentations Like a Pro


3 Lessons, +Resources

In this level we'll give you details on how to practice and eventually get world-class results with Presenting and give you a system to get your team to do the same.

Learn to Close Like a Pro


4 Lessons, +Tips

Knowing how to Close the deal is definitely one of the most valuable skills in this profession. Learn to do it like a pro. 

Only 3, Simple Steps

Step 1Get Started!

Once you get started using our interactive coaching system, you empower yourself gain the confidence to win and you also empower yourself to give that same gift to others.


Step 2. Practice the Training and use the Tools.

Once you practice the Training, you will then have the know how and the tools you need. You can then use that to gain the experience by going out there and systematically building a desirable business.


Step 3. Give Out (e-tools) to aid with new team members.

Having (e-tools) will not only help you get new team members started effectively, it'll help you get more sign-ups by having extreme Value you can provide in the form of a (e-tool). Great for exposing some of the support you have for new members of your Growing team. What are e-tools?

Get Real Building Tools all in one place,

Try the Empire-Mindstate system (Risk free for 7 Days) and if you are not happy with it for any reason just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

The Empire-Mindstate Team

Organize your Business With the

Empire-Mindstate System

YOU GET A TOP NOTCH QUALITY PLATFORM. Use a system that can help aid with duplication and give you some time back. This is virtually the second half to completing your Network Marketing Business Structure.



THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A MORE INCLUSIVE N.M. TRAINING SYSTEM. Get the opportunity to earn financial freedom, location freedom and more have time to do the things you desire.


IT'S ALL THE TRAINING YOU NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL. Learn how to avoid pitfalls and manage expectations so no-one can get in the way of you and your goals in the business.


Is this System for you?

YES it is

  • The person that wants save time and Scale their Business.
  • The professional that's having success but wants to create more leadership within their organization in a efficient way.
  • The Person that wants to eliminate distractions and have a Hub for the team so it's alot simpler to stay plugged in and Duplicate..
  • The new distributor that doesn't have professional training or upline support to really help them win. and more...

NO it's not 

  • The distributor that wants to become a top earner without doing income producing activity. 
  • The person that expects to get rich quick without doing work, practice, and effort.
  • Distributors that are not coachable.  
  • Closed minded individuals that are not willing to use technology . 
  • The person that expects this system to do all the work for them.

Get Started Today, For Next to Nothing, With Bonuses!

Special Offer: FREE for 3 Days 

Claim Your Limited Time Offer Before It's Too Late:

  • Messaging- Request connections with members, send and receive messages and send group messages. Great for coaching.
  • World-Class Network Marketing Training-(35 actionable lessons) Step by Step training, PDF downloads, Point system, Business building templates, Strategies, script creation templates, and more.. Free (Bonus) Values at $597
  • Mobile FriendlyLogin on your mobile to quickly sharpen your skills before action time.$ Priceless .
  • Night Mode and Focus Mode  for a more impactful learning experience.
  • Get Motivational Messages - Get insightful messages in multiple ways through the system. Good for keeping your team excited.
  • Building + Scaling Tools
    or Marketing Tech Tools Directory.
  • Create a Custom Profile  - Then search for people on your team to connect with in our Members area.
  • Event Calendar - Stand out from the industry crowd with our custom events feature. Post links to your events on any platform for easy sharing. Events give your Business Life.  Free (Bonus) Values at $20 per month
  • (e-tools) 6 week Free Pass - can help up your game in recruiting and helping others get started. What are e-tools?
  • See when - other members are logged in to send a quick message .
  • Get 1  Duplicate Membership- to lend out to up your game in coaching and helping others get started.
  • Book Club- (Books read by Multi-Millionaires income earners all over the world) you also get Membership Support, access to get 6+ other trainings and a lot more... 

3 Days for


then $29.97


 Sign-up takes less than 3 min.


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