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The Secret Turn Mindset Vol. 2

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  1. Secret Turning
    Secret Starter
  2. How Beginner Entrepreneurs Find Their Keys To Success
  3. How To Bring The Best Out Of You as a Beginner Entrepreneur
  4. Why You Must Take Chances in Life as a Beginner Entrepreneur
  5. How To Focus More as a Beginner Entrepreneur In These Times
  6. Why Beginner Entrepreneurs Should Understand Every Part Of Their Business
  7. Why Setting Small Goals Can Work Against You
  8. Secret Turn Left
    How To Build The Right Relationships As An Entrepreneur
  9. How To Never Be Bored Again As an Adult
  10. How Beginner Entrepreneurs Get To The Next Level
  11. Why Everything You Ever Wanted Is On The Other Side Of Fear
  12. How To Live Your Life On Purpose as an Entrepreneur
  13. Can You Attract What You Want as an Entrepreneur
  14. How To Stay In Your Own Lane as an Entrepreneur
  15. Secret Turn Right
    How To Find Time as a Beginner Entrepreneur – Time Don’t Exist
  16. How to keep Going as a Beginner Entrepreneur
  17. Why You Should Have Bigger Goals As a Entrepreneur
  18. Why You Must Invest In Yourself As a Beginner Entrepreneur
  19. What You Need To Give Up To Be An Entrepreneur
  20. How To Get Out Of Your Own Way As a Beginner Entrepreneur
  21. How to Stay Excited About Your Dreams as an Entrepreneur
  22. What’s More Important Your Job Or Your Purpose In Life
  23. Secret Turn Up
    Control Your Mind Don’t Let It Control You
  24. How Changing Your Habits Will Change Your Life as a Beginner Entrepreneur
  25. How To Protect Your Mind As a Beginner Entrepreneur
  26. Why Beginner Entrepreneurs Should Not Burn Them Selves Out
  27. How To Build Your Business Around Your Life As a Beginner Entrepreneur
  28. How Beginner Entrepreneurs Take Action On Their Goals
  29. How To Get Your Time Back To Become An Entrepreneur
  30. How Much Does It Cost To Give Up You Dreams As An Entrepreneur
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Secret Starter

Download of the brain of an Entrepreneur. Uploaded as a Blueprint..

Rules: Pick from anywhere in the Blueprint, kind of like picking a random card. It’s a fun way to reflect as an entrepreneur. And once you complete the full thing you earn 13 points. Enjoy