How to Grow Fast in Network Marketing

How to Grow Fast in Network Marketing.

If you’re tired of not seeing the results you what in your Network Marketing business this is how you fix it! In network marketing some people, in fact most people are stay home moms that just want to make some side income from home.

But some people that get started want to be able to make money at a faster pace, and those people should really be willing to work full time at some point on their opportunity.

That’s what they have to do in order to get what they want. At least at the beginning. Those people want to know how to grow fast in network marketing. Well here it is.

How to Grow Fast in Network Marketing?
The best way to grow fast in network marketing is to be more efficient and do more at a faster pace but also in a more duplicatable structural way. In other words get more organized with your business and focus on the income producing activities.  

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1.0How to Grow Fast in Network Marketing
1.1How to Take Action In Network Marketing
1.2How to visualize What you DESIRE
1.3Network Marketing Daily Action Plan
1.4The Power of Duplication in Network Marketing
1.5Rewarding the right behavior in Network Marketing

I’ll explain in more detail later. If you want to grow fast in network marketing, you need to take action and not just action, massive action. 

How to Take Action In Network Marketing

Believe it or not, as simple as it may sound, taking consistent action is the main key to Success in Network Marketing. But most of the people in the network market industry seem to get stuck getting started.

let me explain, what I mean is we get all excited about the opportunity because well, we can see value in the concept of Network marketing. It’s on of the only industries that’s able to give people all around the world a chance to create a fortune, for a very low bear to entry in most cases less than a $999. 

So we take that excitement and tell one to 5 people then some how don’t make time and stop working the business. Most of the times it’s because of the fear of rejection because we care to much about what other people think. 

Did you know that the chances of a loved one coming to your funeral decreases dramatically just based on if it rains or not on the day of your funeral? (They still love you. : ) It’s Crazy look it up on google later. In other words, who cares what other people think.

You should go accomplish your dreams and goals. Once you develop a process or a system for building your team it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just part of the process then.

Usually, the big excitement leaves a new distributor after 72 hours of getting started. That’s why it’s important to keep refueling yourself with that environment by watching Network marketing success stories Videos, Joining related groups, Going to live events, Reading, Learning and actually building the business. So you can keep your desire/excitement levels up, especially at the beginning.   

If you want to take more action you need to have more desire.



First here’s a link to some network marketing facts and figures Click Here)

‘You don’t get what you want; you only get what you picture!’

It’s your job to find out what motivates you. Is its Fear of Loss or possibility of gain? Once you figure this out you need to use it to help you with your ‘List of Whys’. you know your why list is a list of the reasons why you want to be successful in this industry. 

Your reasons ‘WHY’ has to have feeling and emotion behind it. It’s good to attach it to something you really care about. You need to have or eventually develop a strong emotional connection to your reasons ‘WHY’ you do this business.


This may mean test driving your dream car or having a walk through your dream house going out to eat at nice restaurants sometimes. What ever it is that motivates you to bring your dreams into a reality so you can see, smell and touch it.

Do things on a regular basis that keep your reason WHY in the forefront of your mind. Stick pictures up, make a vision board, frame sayings that motivate you.

Write yourself a cheque with a date on it for the amount of money you desire to make based on your goals. Get creative and have fun with it! This is just so you can develop your picture of what you future looks like and build your belief to the level of your goals.

If it’s the Fear of Loss that motivates you then remind yourself of things that you don’t want in your life.

For example, if you are trying to elevate yourself from a certain environment that you no longer desire in your life then let that be your daily reminder and motivation to get you out of your current situation.

Or maybe you could change or help someone else in need with something, use that desire as fuel to get things done. So, some how, some way, you need to increase your desire. 

Now in order for us to do this long term where going to need to have some structure in how we do it. We do it that way so it fits into our lives in an efficient manner, so its more likely to get done. (most are very busy).  To pull that off where going to have a network marketing daily action plan.

How to Grow Fast in Network Marketing

Network Marketing Daily Action Plan

Having a Network Marketing daily plan of action is crucial for executing your goals but you have to write your goals down. Here’s some printable templates to make this easier HERE . Remember it’s all about the income producing activities. So lets discuss, what is income producing activities for Network Marketing?.

Income producing activities are the activities or the work in your business that gets you the most results in the least time. Here is a short list of your best income producing activities. 

How to Grow Fast in Network Marketing

As you can see showing the plan or inviting and getting them to see the information in a simple and efficient manner and then following up after a couple of months if they’re not ready to get started yet will always win. It’s what matters the most. So what’s your daily method of operation to take massive action in network marketing?

Easily Plan it By Using Our Goal Planning and Action Plan Templates. Download FREE

Now that you have a action plan you need to get your new distributors on the right track for success as soon as possible. The sooner the better.

The Power of Duplication in Network Marketing

You can be a rockstar recruiter but you can’t get very far by your self in Network Marketing. Never under estimate the power of duplication, because it’s a flaming fact that he who duplicates has the power. : ) This is another thing you need to grow fast in network marketing.

There is no point in finding a way to to get more signups with out making sure its simple enough for other to do it too. Please keep it simple. They call it K.I.S.S, it means (Keep it Simple Stupid! )!! and no i don’t think you’re stupid. I just know that being extra smart and fancy in this industry does not work, It just works against you. 

How to Grow Fast in Network Marketing

You’re better off playing dumb and sending a link your new signups or prospects to answer the questions they’re asking you. It helps create duplicatable activity and saves you a extreme amount of time playing the roll of Mr or Ms know it all. 

Also, what ever you do they are going to think they have to do. So if you sound like you know everything about the Company your with they are going to be thinking ( Damn ) I have to study and remember all that? they will end up getting a Scrambled brain or get intimidated and stop taking action most likely. :-).

Then they might never take action because in their head it’s now this huge monster task that they have to find the time to get to. So take the time to think of ways to keep the process simple. Remember you want to grow fast in network marketing not lose people.

Another thing you can do is set up a 3-way call with you up-line to answer any questions they may have. Just book a time with the new Prospect and your Up-line that’s working with you to make it all happen. This is how you grow fast in Network Marketing by keeping to duplicatable.

Having a system in place can also help create radical duplication in network marketing. We have a Good one for you to get started with Free HERE


There are a hand full of other ones out there to be honest but none of them are that great. Especially not for the price or the user experience they give.

Good systems help to create structure in your business by taking a lot or most of the elements needed for you to find success in your Network Marketing business and putting it all in one place. Network Marketing Systems makes it easier to Track, Create, and Scale your business.

That way we have a clear path on where we’re going and we know that our team do too. Good systems make it so you can do all those things without having to do everything manually. In fact a lot of people use a mixture Tools to get the job done. 

It helps you to save time on things like training, presenting, and giving a ton of one on one time to people that might end up leaving the business anyway. As you should know a lot leave, but the right ones stay and if you keep building and leading by example, Keep doing income producing activities and stick with your network marketing daily action plan. That should give you a good idea on what it takes to hit your goals.

Another method that helps with creating radical duplication in network marketing is rewarding the right behavior. Below I’ll give you 3 methods for rewarding the right behavior in network marketing.

Rewarding the Right Behavior in Network Marketing

Method.1Edify the person that’s doing the right behavior (income producing activities). Let everyone know publicly. On a zoom call, At a home meeting, On social media or even in a email. People like to be recognized. Give recognition.
Method.2Give away gifts of appreciation. You can give away things like, Good books, Cards in the mail, T-shirts, Hats, or calendars. Just something to let them know you see what they are doing as a leader and you are thankful for their contribution.

Method.3Create exclusive trips or incentives for top behavior. Maybe things like travel gift cards. Maybe host an invite only event every year for hitting those landmarks. or even Host a party and pay for flights for your top earners. Find creative ways to reward your partners and it will reward you. 

We have seen these methods increase peoples group 2x ,3x even 4x . In some rear cases with large organizations even 12x. So if you read the 10x rule and you want to 10x your business this is one of the key ingredients to making it work. This is another secret way to grow fast in network marketing.


In a nut shell, in order to grow fast in Network Marketing we must build up your desire and take massive action. Most of the actions must be income producing activities. We Should do theses actions in a way that’s duplicatable. Following the K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid method). So you can easily train others. 

You should also create a network marketing daily action plan like the one above to easily keep track of where you’re at and where you’re going. Ok, last but not least in this episode. You reward and edify others on many levels to help build their desire. 

It’s the greatest gift you can give them and it also rewards you back. What a feeling to help someone else hit there dreams and goals. 

How fast will you grow your team now?

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