I would like to thank my mentors for their contribution to the world because without your work, i wouldn't be the person that i am today, which led to the creation of empiremindstate.com. I've never met most of you in person but you all definitely taught me a lot and helped mold me into the man i am today. This is my list of mentors that helped give us insight in one way or another with developing this leadership development Platform.

Sincerely, Kerron H. Simmons (CEO and Co. Founder)


Holton Buggs

Darren Hardy

Eric Worry​​​​

Nathan Ricks​​​​

Jeff Roberti

Jordan Belford

Napoleon Hill

Grant Cordone

Robert Kiyosaki

Waple Francois

Chris Voss

Anik Singal

Russell Brunson

Ed Mylett

Robert F. Smith

dan pena 

and a-lot more people that influenced me directly or indirectly.

and last but not least GOD.